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Step 1

  1. Download our ChaloExam mobile application through Play store / iOS app store.
  2. Open the ChaloExam mobile application and enter your valid Mobile Number.
  3. Enter the code which you received on the registered Mobile Number.
  4. You will see a profile page – there you must enter the valid details of yourself (NAME,EMAIL ID, STREAM (which course you belong),    STATE – Karnataka).
  5. After completion of profile details – that will lead to university selection page.

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Step 2

  1. Under the university tab select MCC to proceed (MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE AUTONOMOUS)

Step 3

This will lead to MCC Login page

  1. You must enter MCC user name and password.

Step 4

  1. This will open to an index page along with your course and MCC name on below

Step 5

  1. Click on the course to explore more…
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